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Financé dans le cadre du dispositif « Widespread-Twinning » du programme-cadre européen Horizon 2020, le projet BIONANOSENS a pour but de renforcer les compétences en management de l’innovation et en transfert de technologie de l’un des premiers centres de recherche ukrainiens, l’Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, grâce au développement d’actions communes avec des équipes scientifiques européennes de premier plan dans le domaine des sciences analytiques au service des biotechnologies.


Key information / Informations



•    Funding programme / Programme de financement: H2020-WIDESPREAD-05-2020-Twinning
•    Coordinator / Coordinateur: Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics - National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
•    Partners’ list / Liste des partenaires :

o    Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
o    Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden- Rossendorf
o    Zentrum Fur Soziale Innovation
o    Lyon Ingénierie Projets

•    Budget : 901 725,00 €
•    Grant / Subvention : 895 573,00 €
•    Début – Fin : 2020-2023

Context / Contexte

Participation in EU Framework Programmes is increasingly dependent on networking and staying connected with the partners across the EU - has been stressed in the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation 2018-2020 H2020 Work Programme. It is inspiring for the Horizon 2020 family members to become visible and attractive part of European Research Area.
Ukraine is Associated Country to H2020 since 2015. However, Ukraine is still low-performing country at the European level in area of research and innovations.
The BIONANOSENS project aims at strengthening the research management capacities of one of the leading research centers in Ukraine, the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (IMBG).

Objectives / Objectifs

The Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (IMBG) is one of the leading research centres in Ukraine in the field of analytical biotechnology, with a great potential for the development of market-driven innovations. With the support of high-profile research and innovation (R&I) institutes from Europe, which form the BIONANOSENS consortium, the Ukrainian institute should be positioned as an international Centre for Excellence in analytical biotechnology also beyond national borders.
To this aim, BIONANOSENS implements tailor-made twinning actions helping to build and strengthen capacities at the partner’s end. Both the overall goal and the single objectives related to it (to establish institutional grant management procedures, better access to international networks, project proposal writing services, promotion and training of young researchers, service and facilitation to the dissemination and exploitation of research results etc.) are taking into full account IMBG’s current operational situation.

Expected impact and results / Impact et résultats attendus

The project is devoted to the boosting of international collaboration, the development of the operational network and twinning in research and innovation activities between excellent EU and Ukrainian groups of scientists, focusing on the stimulating scientific excellence and innovation capacity of IMBG in the Analytical Biotechnologies area, and further improving standards of managing and conducting EU funded research and innovation projects.

LIP’s contribution / Rôle de LIP

LIP supported the consortium since the beginning of the proposal preparation, in particular on the financial and legal aspects, and is now assisting the BIONANOSENS coordinator and partners by managing the administrative, financial and legal aspects of the project.